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dbOptic: More information and screen displays  . . . .

Raytracing Tilted Surfaces . . .

dbOptic tilted surface trace

Spot Diagrams . . .

pri8.gif (2522 bytes)

and encircled energy plots . . .

pri9.gif (3287 bytes)

Unique "Double-Star Test" . . .

dstest.gif (2353 bytes)

The XY Plot Menu Command allows the plotting of aberration vs surface design parameters, object distance or wavelength.  The red plot below shows how system spherical aberration LA' varies with radius of curvature of surface number 4, the primary mirror of a 1000 mm focal length telephoto mirror lens.  The horizontal gray line represents LA' = 0 (fully corrected).  The horizontal green lines represent the allowable tolerance values.  The short red vertical bar represents the system as currently designed with R4 equal to about -419mm.  The plot clearly shows that while LA' is within the allowed tolerance, it could be reduced further by flattening the surface slightly to about R = -423mm. 

xyplot.gif (2715 bytes)

New imaging of Extended Objects available beginning with Version 2.0 . . .

Instead of using a single point as the object for a spot diagram, we consider an array of object points at the same finite or non-finite object distance and create a composite spot diagram at the image plane.  The composite image of this "object map" provides a near-realistic view of the image that a candidate optical system might generate.

Original object from file.

Image generated by tracing object array  through a well-corrected 76mm f/5 achromat. 


The images below show an original object file and resultant "expected" images from two different lenses after tracing 80 rays through each of the 10,201 object points making up the original object:

Object File 101 x 101 pixels Image after tracing through 50mm f/2 Double Gauss Lens Image after tracing through 50mm f/2 Plano Convex Lens


dbOptic, the Optical Design Database Program, contains many more features than can be covered here. Download a FREE evaluation version containing complete program documentation and a software tutorial or see dbOptic ordering information.


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