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The following lists include some over-stocked items, close-outs, piece parts & one-of-a-kind items priced far lower than you would expect to pay anywhere else. Items are used unless otherwise stated . Items come with 15 day money-back guarantee
(see details* below). How can you lose? Quantities vary, all items subject to prior sale.


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*No risk trial guarantee: If you are not pleased with any item you order, simply return it within 15 days in the same condition as you received it and we will refund your purchase price, excluding shipping costs.  No refunds after 15 days.  Computer software items excluded from this refund offer. See important ordering information here.


Item #526. CELESTRON NexStar 114GT.  A 4.5" (114mm) diameter Newtonian reflecting telescope from America's premier maker of quality telescopes. This unit is used but in excellent operating and cosmetic condition.
     NexStar features include an aluminum tripod and computerized mount with hand controller that provides for a 4 degree/sec slew rate, a polar alignment function and a 4,000 object database with Go-To capability.
    IMPORTANT: While the standard factory accessories included with NexStar include two oculars and a 12-volt (eight AA) battery pack, this scope includes instead only one 15mm Plossl ocular that delivers crisp images at 67X and an AC-to-DC power supply. Also NOT included is the The Sky Level 1 Astronomy Software and Personal Computer disc. All other factory stock items are complete and in good working order.
    Please note that this item can be shipped only to U.S. addresses.

$ 149

more NexStar photos
    Item #18.  NEW Digital Focus Device Model 800.  Attaches to Celestron 8 focuser and provides 1/100 turn resolution of focusing knob.  Ideal for use with CCD camera setup. For Celestron 8 telescopes manufactured in 1980s and early 1990s.


was $ 20

now $ 10

 (See Photo Above)

    Item #210. NEW Ocular, Meade Instruments, .96" dia, 9mm fl Modified Achromat. 

was $ 12

now $ 10

    Item #449. Eyepiece Projection Adapter 2.0/1.25. For two-inch focusers but accepts 1.25'' oculars.
was $  22

now $ 15

    Item #208. Ocular 1.25" dia, 15mm fl Plossl (New).  was $ 22

now $ 15
    Item #242. NEW Ocular,  .96" dia, 25mm fl Huygens type.  was $ 10

now $ 5
    Item #243. NEW Ocular,  .96" dia, 12.5mm fl Huygens type. was $ 10

now $ 5
    Item #9. Star Diagonal, Hybrid Type (uses 1.25" oculars, fits 0.96 focusers).  was $ 25

now $ 15


    Item #11. Star Diagonal, Rich Field Type (use 1.25" oculars, mounts to male T-Threads). 
was $ 25

now $15

    Item #21. USED Lower Tripod Legs for Celestron Super Polaris Mount, 12" long, wood construction, Set of Three. Excellent condition.

$ 9

    Item #415. 1.25 inch Visual Back for Celestron and Meade Schmidt-Cass scopes. Threads to rear cell with 2 in - 24 threads. 

was $ 20

now $ 15

    Item #456. Two-inch Visual Back for Celestron 14 Telescope.

was $  20 

now $ 15

    Item #481. One-piece T-Adapter for Celestron C90.

was $ 12 

now $ 9

    Item #509.Lens & Mirror Cleaning Kit. Includes Edmunds Lens Luster fluid, two lens brushes and Kodak Lens Paper. 

was $ 20 

now $ 9




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